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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


After sanding as accurately as possible I draw on some referance lines which help visually , we now screed the surface with ZAP finishing resin and aerosil/microballoons paste, use a long smooth piece of plastic if you can.

Another round of sanding with an orbital sander,
takes it down to a smooth finish .

Once the screeded shape is close to the profile shape , it will be sprayed with a spray filler, this has a harderner and flows over the surface also filling hollows. At this stage the superwood is well sealed and you can sand with 360-400grit wet paper on a long sanding block.

A couple of 2K coats of paint start finishing of this panel , by now the final polishing is all thats required , before moulding. Care must be taken not to damage the fine trailing edge.
The next posts will cover the start of the moulding about a week from now.

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Piet Rheeders said...

Mike , that looks like a really nice

Can't wait for it.