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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


For a moment I thought the BERG management had pulled my licence to publish articles, but it would seem as if we have upgraded to a later version of software, so I have upgraded and can continue posts.

In the meantime the moulding of the wing centre panel has proceeded well, the first photo shows the set up of the splitter board on the leading edge and the alu channel on the trailing edge, which is attached using thin double sided tape .

The leading edge is once again sealed with light weight body-filler and when just set, it it scraped down to a sharp even line, light cleaning with thinners takes off any filler residue.End caps finish of the mould , so that it makes a rigid box shape.

I now rewax everything and buff the wing surface to a shine.

The gel-coat is now evenly applied and allowed to go to a hardened but sticky stage . Some wetted out carbon tows/resin is layed into the sharp corners, before laying up the first layers of light cloth(this is to prevent cloth weave from showing through) subsequent layers of thicker cloth are now layed up to the required thickness and strength. You can even glass in some cross members to stiffen things.

Finally I like to finish off with a label and a layer of fine cloth, this makes handling the moulds easier and covers any sharp pieces, next we will turn the mould and plug over and layup the second half.

The fuselage is prepared for moulding next time.
Cheers for now.

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