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Monday, October 15, 2007

Demise of Shongololo # 1

It is with great sorrow that I report the demise of Shongololo #1. Tony pointing to the spot where the nose embedded 300mm into the ground. About a meter further away the two fuselage servos and receiver, can just be made out lying in the grass and then the fuselage and wings can be seen 10 meters further away where they ended after the impact.

We had to dig the nose out of the ground with a screwdriver it was in so tight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Evan,

What was the cause of the crash - interference, structural failure, or pilot induced?


Evan Shaw said...

All I know is it wasn't structural failure. As a matter of fact, the joiner, the joiner box and sparcaps were still intact and still held together. So I'm even more confident in the way we are constructing them!
I would prefer that Tony explain what happened! He was the pilot!!

Anonymous said...

I believe bad Karma was on the BERG
field that day and thats that.
Steve K

Anonymous said...

Hello Steve

Mike would love this comment. He loves this sort of thing. He even believes that the moon can affect the winds. You should see him planning slope trips around the moon phases.

BTW. Any idea what will the Kama be like this comming weekend?

Anonymous said...

Dear anon-e-mouse,
I plan my slope trips around when Piet can organise accommadation, I plan my fishing trips around the moon (and the school holidays),because it affects the tides and hence the sea and hence-hence the fishing. ha
ha , I am no lunar tic.Its those hillbilly's in the Free State who are lunar tics.
Mike M
ps I dont believe in bad karma as long as I have my crystal necklace,
and pyramid shaped hat.