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Friday, October 19, 2007

DG 500 project

In the post below one can see progress on this build , but looking at the hits on the BERG blog several overseas viewers search on the glider type ,which has changed twice so I wish to make an explaination for these as follows

The DG 1000 caught my eye and I decided to build a large stand-off scale model of this glider, as I researched it ,I discovered the DG 505, which has more or less the same fuselage but not such an advanced wing planform.
The DG1000 has a multi taper schumann type wing with forward sweep and lifted wing tip panels with winglets.
This type of wing shape would be more difficult to build and keep the joiner on the centre of lift and would require complex vacumn bagging of several panels.
The DG 505 Orion has a more conventional wing with a straight leading edge and small forward sweep only on the outer panels trailing edge and may also sport winglets , so it may be easier to build.
Then there is the DG500 ELAN with the simplest wing planform , but we are going back through the types here. The wing is where the performance has been enhanced with research.

So why has this aircraft changed its name a few times..well after some initial wing layups I will finally decide how complex a wing I can safely build in the 8-10mtr size with UD carbon cloth
over white foam and it will finally become a DG ???
But for now it looks like a 500 is a safe bet.
Clear as mud.

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