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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Being very keen to build an electric plane for fun and to learn a little about electric flight I decided to scratch build a light weight 3D fun flyer. Last weekend was rainy and miserable,
this meant spraying and working on the JART project wasnt viable.
I really like building with balsa and this little plane was a breeze to build it is my own design it has a 36 inch wingspan , weighs 500 grams auw ready to fly.

On one of the rc forums some guy asked about 3d airfoils the answer given was roundish in front pointy at the back and sort of symetrical in the middle so this is the airfoil I have used,.......sorry I dont have the plotting co-ordinates . Evan has provided me with this funfly airfoil if you need one. Fully semetrical- high point at 27.5% and 20% thick. Very simple but effective.

Nice to work without epoxy for a change, all wood glue and balsa. The electric side is still a bit of a dark art to me , but there is plenty of information on the net and in the magazines.

I have a brushless 300a motor 1000kv , matching 25amp speed controller and 3 cell li-po battery pack all by the same manufacturer , so everything should match and work. You can pick up a brushless set up like this for about R600.

I will try fly it this comming weekend .


Anonymous said...

Very blerry lekker Mike!!!

But can it thermal??

Just kidding!!!

Waiting in antissipattion for the report back on how she flies!

candice said...

Have you crossed over to the....other side (shudder)??
Watch out, the force of GBOGH will get you!!

Anonymous said...

Only Piet can spell anticipation that way.
Candice Who??? nice try Steve K .
Anyone remember the Stilleto extreme ultra delux supreme, save these things for April 1.