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Monday, October 22, 2007


To all the JARTISTS out there including Glen who has a sensitive side and flies a pinkish epp jart(check out the springfield gliders blog). Only kidding you Glen, later this week it is back to JART building, final polishing and splitter board preparation ,as well as moulding ,will be posted.
I am not sure what has happened to Piets Jart and Evans Jart and Lionals Jart and Roberts Jart and Gerts Jart and so on and so on .I know Reed the designer ,has mentioned on Rc groups that many plans have recently been requested from South Africa.


Anonymous said...

What do you think? We are all waiting for you to finish your moulds so we can borrow them.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the matter too. In fact, why bother borrowing the molds, just get Mike to pull a few extra fuses while he's at it, and hand them out like presents. Tis almost the season for peace and goodwill, and giving is better than receiving, so just wait for your fuzz from Santa Mike....
Signed - Scrooge

mike may said...

Sure thing Dingbat,
But how will I know which anonymous you are? so my trusty Elves can deliver your hand crafted extremely rare Jart fuselage down your chimney.
If the moulds work out there is a faint chance that a limited number of fuselages will be made available to my A-LIST sloping buddies for the help they have given freely.


candice said...

How can you call my Dad a Dingbat when he's a Scrooge. He is so tight he actually squeeks when he walks.Besides, he will reveal his identity just as soon as he finishes building a chimney on our house. Hehehe!!!

Grahame Moore said...

Me, me, me. Don't forget me. Please Santa Mike.
I'm from SA living in Bath, England at the moment. Hope your sleigh gets this far.
I don't have a chimney, but I'll leave the bathroom window open for you! It's the last house with the red roof next to the bakery, behind the railway line.

mike may said...

Dear all peoples,
No begging , no chimneys, really its more fun to build and fly your own Jart. Candice your "dad" squeeks when he walks , because his latex underwear is to tight. HEHE then HAHA:ouch that hurts.