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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

HTL #6 at WHRF

Evan and his new Shongololo nick named “ Nartjie”

Sunday the 7th saw round 6 of the HTL. The weather on Saturday did not look promising with lots of rain and thunder storms, but on Sunday morning after some early morning mist, it cleared and turned out to be another good HTL day.

Lionel was out early to set up the flight line as most of us wanted to go home early to view the ¼ final World cup Rugby match between SA and Fiji. Well done Lionel. Once the computer CD got going the rounds went by systematically, with only the fly off done manually and I for one got home in good time to see the match on TV.

Martie and Derek once again provide a lunch time meal which the pilots had to work in between their rounds as to aid the early finish.

Evan had his brand new Shongololo out and with only a few test flights on the day before opted to fly it in the competition and apart from bad luck and some small setup problems looks like it could be a competitive model in future HTL events.

I had a frequency clash and this rendered my Tsotsi on the ground bar for 1 flight and had to depend on my Ellipse for all the other flights.

All in all a good days flying and to the boot the SA rugby team went througt to semi finals. This time on Sunday night so no problem with ½ a day's flying.

I did not manage to get in to many pictures but something is better than none.
All the results can be found on the RSA F3J blog at

"Nartjie" ready to take off.

Martie and her Traveling Kitchen.

Derek tasting a sample.
Derek timing while I fly.

The BERG pits.

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