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Friday, October 05, 2007

JART race is on

Not wanting to be left behind by Piet Perseverance in the highly charged JART construction

race I am forging ahead with my own JART.
I am happy with the shape so now starts the filling/ sanding cycles to achieve a moldable plug,

The resin I use at this stage is ZAP finishing resin as this sands easily and gives excellent results with water paper , for a finish you can spray on.

I make a mixture like thick syryp of resin/ 20 aerosil/cabasil (thickerner)and 80 microballoons ,it must just be able to flow like toffee , I then screed this onto the plug using different thickness pieces of acetate or mylar (off cuts lying around) the thinner ones you use to scrape across the curved parts, being carefull to only smooth and spread the mix not scrape it off, the end result is a smooth finish with the hollows filled , after some sanding I may spray or fill again until it looks right.
As it turns out a little filling and then to the water paper prior to spraying.

I have skipped the spray filler step completely, as I use a polyester spray filler and any hint of it near the blue foam and you have melt down.

I will water paper 400grit to flattern and then final spray before mould making.


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