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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great Weather for RES/100

After all the rain we have had over the last few days Sunday turned out to be a fantastic day. An early morning visit to the weather bureau web site produced two spot graph maps of Sundays weather (Click on the image to see a larger version). The one on the left is for Gauteng --- Fantastic!!!! - "Should be a pretty good day for the RES/100 Challenge" I thought.

But just look at the lovely weather Cape Town has in the graph on the right. Warm, light winds, dry and even Thermals. I hope they make an effort. I would be nice if we also get some score from the Cape. Or I wonder what excuse they will come up with as to why they couldn't fly? This type of event is perfect for them and we haven't seen one attempt from them so far this year. Anyway, maybe next year they will try!

I couldn't wait to get to the field and was packed and ready to go at 08h30. Piet was obviously also keen, because when I got to the field he was already there. And it wasn't long before the rest of the mob started arriving. We had a great turnout, with at one stage 14 cars and a whole variety of models and people.

There were only four that participated in the RES/100 Challenge in the end, with Trevor, Wes, Rudi and Tony electing not to fly because of problems with their equipment or models. Piet once again flew his trusty 2,5 met RES iTsotsi 100 , Mike had his OD 3 met RES model and Peter and Evan with standard 2 meter RES Tsotsi's.
We couldn't get Mike to stop flying, he was having soo much fun. So we stood next to him for the photo shoot while he flew .

Mike achieved 2073, just 47 points short of max, followed by Peter on 2055, just 65 point shy, then Piet on 2039,with 81 point missing and Evan, 1964. The best 8 flights for the Club totaled 4194 out of a possible 4240. As can be seen by the scores, it was a very good day for thermals and our lads certainly made the most of it. Well done.

Further analysis of the four flights used for the pilots score, reveals that Mike lost 20 points on landings with his flights being close to max. The worst was 11 seconds short, with a total of 17 seconds short.
Peter only lost 5 points on landings, but a whole minute on flying.
Piet lost 55 points on landings, but would have done a whole lot better if he hadn't hit his helper on one of them, loosing a possible 50 points. Two flights, 9 seconds short and once, 6 seconds and once 2 seconds short. Total of 26 second short.
Evan, lost nothing on the landings, but screwed up one flight. Only achieving 5 minutes 33 seconds. A whopping 147 second lost. Otherwise all his other flights were very good with the worst being 6 seconds short and the other two within 2 seconds.
How to get a good landing. Eish,these Tsotsi's are strong.

This has moved BERG to the top of the rankings again and there we shall stay, as no other club can accumulate enough points to beat us. But the individual positions are still open and until we get the results from the other clubs we shan't know who will be the "Wit Willim" champion.

So, watch this space!

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