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Monday, February 18, 2008

F3B League at B.E.R.G.

Thought I’d start this report off a little differently with a rather boring heading picture. Not much action out there, but a job someone has to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the members that pitched in to help with the F3B League event this last weekend. Above, the view from Base A: signallers Peter, Gordon and Tony on duty at Base B for the distance task. Thanks also to Evan for setting up the field and being our CD for the day and Justice for all the parachute fetching (although he makes a financial killing off of us – but he's worth every cent). Also to the ladies for manning Base A for speed and Martie for cooking us lunch as well. Thanks again to all the helpers - just can't do it without you guys.

Now onto the flying: the field was in excellent condition – the grass short and thick enough to soften our worst landings. Only Piet managed to break an Ellipse nose with a very skew dork landing. Other than that, no serious model casualties. The wind was a little light and variable but that didn’t stop the top contenders from putting in some stunning speed times and distance laps.

Craig helping Robert through his first speed and distance runs. This was Robert’s first F3B contest and he`s still dead keen.

Now needs to retrim that Shongolo which up till now it’s only flown thermals. Also had to sand away some of the flap hinge between rounds.

Above: a tense moment getting Peter Eagle over the Base B line after his speed run.

Left: Peter flying, Dion helping get through a really tight base B turn.

Below: Michelle and Craig in action - on the left about to launch and on the right cool and collected during the speed run.

Below left: Piet setting trims on one of his Ellipse models and below right: Matthew and Justice taking a well deserved lunch time nap – both were extremely active through the day.

... and don't forget to keep an eye on the F3B blog for the day's results.

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