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Friday, February 08, 2008

Scale glider , mould making

I recently found some pictures of a really elegant full size 15 mtr glider that looks a little differant from all the others and decided to make one, In 1.3.75 scale hopefully it will be ready for the 'BIG' scale glider slope event to be held in April at Volksrust.

This event the Sungazer , named after a rare lizard that can be found on this mountain , promises to be the permier scale event in South Africa,attracting all the top pilots.

This mini build thread covers the mould which is a pod with a rolled boom construction ,the pod was carved and shaped from extruded foam and only screeded with a layer of epoxy/microballoons ,I have not used any cloth so it has to be handled gently until the mould is
taken off.

It starts as an outline on a block of foam.

This is shaped and two pieces glued on for the wing seats,which are contoured to the wing airfoil

It takes some filler and sanding, but soon starts looking good.

A first thick coat of 2k is sprayed on , then the imperfections start showing up.The hollows are then filled, and sanded smooth. (different glider same technique)

Final paint coats will be polished and

prepared with release wax ,ready for gel-coat.

The plug is polished with polishing cream , and is masked so I can make a seperate canopy mould(one of these days I am going to learn how to vacumn clear acetate canopies)

The wings are already cut and waiting

to be bagged. Many other pilots are also preparing scale gliders and there is a lot of interest.

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