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Friday, February 15, 2008

Scale Scale Scale ...

Looks like not much happening out there other than everyone furiously building scale models for the Sungazer event. Can’t wait! And now for all you balsa junkies (yes, I confess I’m one of them), here’s a quick update on the K8B aileron modification project.

First job was to hack the ailerons away from the wing in a nice straight line. After marking carefully, used the Dremel jigsaw - went in through the trailing edge at the tip, across through the ribs with their cap strips and then out at the trailing edge again. Then glued a 3mm balsa strip for the aileron hinge, cut away 10mm of the cap strips on each rib and sheeted the top and bottom neatly to give the hinge line some box strength. Not lekker hacking into such nice structure but when finished, looked just like it was originally designed for ailerons.

Finished off by fitting a plywood rib doubler to the rib onto which the servo will be mounted. Then sheeted the bottom of the rib bay where the servo pushrod will exit the wing. I reckon I can fit the aileron servo and complete airbrake system without messing with the leading edge D-box structure at all. Servo wires will run through small holes in each rib between the spars and I’m planning to make the whole airbrake system complete in a box that I can just slip in behind the spar (maybe even top and bottom scissor type brakes as per scale). Biggest challenge will be drilling the holes through the plywood ribs under the root sheeting!

Took a while fixing up the actual ailerons (no photo yet) as I built in the hinge angle and also partly sheeted the top and bottom surfaces to add strength.

And just in case you’re wondering, the allenkey kit, heavy duty screws and purple aileron servo covers are for the Ellipse in the background which was temporarily moved off the workbench for this project - but getting back to it right now – just have to sort out that glitch problem that seems to be caused by something in the wing wiring harness. F3B League competition at B.E.R.G. on Sunday - see you there.

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