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Monday, February 04, 2008

Out in the Wild, Wild West.

While Evan,Robert and myself were building my new glider at Evan’s place on Saturday the Dogs suddenly started barking in a uncontrolled manner. Evans eye‘s light up like a torch and he immediately grabbed rubbish bin container and garden rake. All he said was ” Come the dogs has cornered a snake”.

So he gave me the camera and then Robert and I (20 meters behind)followed him to the tree where the dogs were milling around and barking at the snake. Evan went up to the Snake and as it reared up and started spiting at him place the rubbish bin over him with out hesitation . Robert ran back and got a peace of formica to seal the bottom of the rubbish bin.

The hole exercise only took 2 min flat. Not satisfied yet Evan then replace the formica base with a plastic bag so that we could see what snake it was. It turned out to be a 2 meter
“Ringkals”. After a pose for the camera we took it to a “sloot” behind Evan’s house and set him free again.

Robert holding the lid on while Evan gets a plasitc bag.

Evan replacing lid with a plastic bag.

Proud owner and his new pet "Ringkie the Ringkals"

Nice to meet you but we rather set you free.

PS. I was considering to keep him to supplement my canon just incase Zimmy was getting serious about my concrete shoes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is cool! I'm glad you guys set it free.