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Friday, February 15, 2008

Mould making part 3

With Scale gliders, being flavour of the month ,the pressure is on to get these ships ready for the Sungazer slope trip in April, Charl has just posted his rebuild below and what a transformation,

His Astir ,will really look good with its decals on.

I am forging ahead with my SZD-56 DIANA 2 and hereunder is the completion of the fuselage pod mould.

In my usual haste I cut the splitter a little oversize, but no problem to fill and shape with some feather lite body filler.

In this photo I have masked the splitter, with plastic tape , especially the rough chipboard edge, I have also repaired a ding (light filler) which will leave a mark in the gelcoat , which can be polished out later.

A layer of epoxy gelcoat is applied , a little thicker over the ding repair.

The glass cloth layup over the plug
is shown , several layers of thin cloth go over the sharp edge of the wing seat , I again used all my offcut UD carbon to make a stiff light mould.
In the background is the Swift after the nose was rebuilt.

This view is the second side , with the splitter removed and the edge cleaned up. It will be waxed and the gel-coat, glass cloth, epoxy layup repeated.
Note the locating bubble on the nose used to line the two halves up when joining the fuselage.

The End

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