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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

101 Things to do with Carbon Fibre

Let it not be said that the Berg-blog does not bring varied and interesting content, all pretty much centered around the many facets of radio control , model gliding.

The number of visitors continues to grow and having just finished our second year ,we see from our statistics over 30,000 pages have been downloaded and September was a record month with 2853 page loads and 1326 unique visitors, our last record was after the Sungazer event in March with 1170 unique visitors and 2530 page loads.

Most encouraging is the number of returning visitors who enjoy our local flying and building
activities, one in particular is the many times returning visitor from Kampala in Uganda, please drop us a comment sometime we are curious to know about your Rc flying in Uganda?
That really applies to anyone really, you are welcome to post a comment, try it , it,s easy.

Oh the to use carbon fibre to make a KEBAB (sosatie)

Take one extremely sharp carbon fibre splinter

Take one carbon fibre tow re-inforced wing leading edge

Take one piece of sandpaper and start sanding the L.E. round

Make sure your hand moves with sufficient speed.

Pierce the carbon fibre straight through a tender part of your middle finger.

Swear out loud.

Its not a great picture but you can see the entry
point on the right and the splinter sticking out the left.

After trying a local fix, head off to hospital , sit in a waiting room, one of my least favourite things to do on a tuesday evening, pay, pay, pay ,consultation, anti-biotics,pain-killers, and tetinus shot
set my plane back a whole evening.

That piece was embedded right through, not really a splinter more like a branch.

Lesson ...well a sanding block and some more care would have avoided this , final tip do not try to do this repair at home , seek medical help.

Take extra care now.


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