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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Midday ,Outside, Bright Sun- (The Photographers Nightmare)

Picture(above) taken without flash

Picture(above) taken with Flash ( now see how that proud young mans smile just lights up!!)

Reading Derek post and particularly about the harsh condition for picture taking at midday, many a picture taken of the PSS winners revealed deep shadows over the faces of the pilots holding their models.

I had a similar experience photographing young Blake with his “ Rooi gevaar” . But I always take a look a the picture afterwards if possible to see if the basics are ok. ( This time I cloud see that there was a deep shadow over his face and immediately retook the shot with my flash setting forced to on).This has the effect to lighten the shadow on the person face but in general there is so much light available that it should not effect the exposure settings on the camera. Anyway the camera’s today takes care of the exposure so all you need to do is make sure that your flash tigers when you take the shot. Another point to remember is that this will only work as good as you flash is. So you can not stand very far away.

Failing this you can use any reflective surface like a white sheet or a foam sheet or if you have a reflective umbrella (like pro’s have) to reflect some of the light on to your subject.

I apologies if this posting is slightly of topic but we all like good ,crisp and sharp pictures when come to our models, but then again this is the Berg Blog read all about it.!!!

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