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Sunday, October 12, 2008

ETB October PSS Fest

Well at last the time came to drive down to Volksrust for the inaugural ETB PSS October fest.
We managed to get away from work on Friday at 3 PM with Mike and his family about 1 and half hours before us. We knew that we would arrive at Volksrust after 5PM and therefore did not attempt to go up the mountain for a late afternoon flight. Mike on the other hand had sufficient time to go up the mountain and managed to get a flight in on the east slope with his Jart and it so happened that we arrived at our overnight accommodation at the same time.

This meant that we were 7 in total that slept over on Friday night, and making the Saturday not so tiring have to be on the road at 6AM and to arrive on the slope at around 10 AM so you can sleep in a bit on Saturday, and arrive on the slope at 10.30 with out having to rush.

When got the top at +/- 10.30 Paul Carnall form the ETB club and Event Organizer was already there.

From then on the cars started to stream in at a steady pace and +/- 30 PSS planes went on Static display on Saturday and about 24 on Sunday.

Around midday Paul called all the pilots together for a pilots briefing. Afterwards some general flying started and then wait for the strong wind that we needed begun.

This did not happen and in fact some most of the pilots shifted over to the South Slope when the wind died down and turned south later in the afternoon.

Some really beautiful scale gliders were on display but unfortunately not many of then could fly in the light wind we had on both Saturday and Sunday and therefor the stunning trophies that Paul made at ETB had to be awarded going by static judging only.

Even so I think that the PSS Fest are hear to stay and that this event will be on the flying calendar next year.

I am sure that in the next few days you will be seeing many a report and pictures of this event on various blogs. So for now take a look at all the some of the pictures that I took.

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