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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rockwell Aero Commander- Adding the finishing touches

With only 5 day’s left I am just about done with this build only the engine cowlings need
to be mounted in there correct positions.

Dummy props and undercarriage will be remove before launching. So far 35 days has come and gone since I have started this project.

For what it is worth I have collect the following data.

Wing Span : 2.4 Meters (100 inches)
Wing Area: 1000 sq inches +/- 6.3 sq feet.
Wing AR =9
Wight: 3.3 to 3.5 Kg 7 to 8 Lb
Wing Loading : 18 to 22 oz /sq feet

Radio : 4ch rudder,elevator,ailerons and flaps.
Battery: 4.5 A/h ,5 cell nicad.
Power : Needs lots of wind on Volkies this Saturday so wish me good luck as I go.

Tony came around to show me his GWS Spitfire that he finished of and is ready for the slope on Saturday.
This model is cast out of foam and any paint that is used must be “ foam friendly ” as not to attack and melt the foam. Nice paint job Tony.


Glen said...

Great effort in such a short time, Piet. Well done to you on creating such a realistic looking model.Will check it out in person on Saturday, so dont go down Friday and do something silly now, okay.

Dion said...

Piet, That thing looks too nice to throw off a mountain!

Anonymous said...

Hi Piet
Julle ouens van BERG hou van julle swaar modelle. Hoop die wind gaan lekker sterk waai soos die laaste 4 weeke omtrent 30-40km elke dag!

Anonymous said...

Well done Tony,
Looks a lot like a Spitcane or a Hurrifire to me????
Its Something about those wings.