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Friday, October 31, 2008

Looking for a new slope challange.

I'll be the first to admit , I really like slope flying, and Volksrust as a slope is hard to beat as it has the (big five) no not the game , but ...
1. access to the top.
2. permission to use the slope.
3. several slope faces.
4. accommadation close by.
5. windy area.
So in seeking a new slope to fly it needs to fill this criteria as well as some others, such as a landing zone, and within a reasonable drive, searching the highveld hills , one struggles to find
a good site, there are a few but with problems.
On a recent business trip to Durban I spotted two varied but interesting potential sites.
Van Reenens pass, serious slope, good wind, accommodation , but landing difficult and and about the same distance as Volksrust. Its probably worth a try and next trip down I'll pack a plane or two and test it, I am sure its been flown before? Anyone been there done that, show me the t-shirt.

The guest farm at windy corner appears to be building chalets on top of the slope, if and when these become available one could fly straight off the veranda, outlandings below would be a big problem.

I could really feel the wind here as it is compressed in this valley/bowl. It could produce adrenaline flying ... of the best kind.

Second slope catching my interest also meets 3 or 4 of the (big five) accommodation is not available, close by (maybe Warden 35km away?) and permission.

What it does have is an access road to the top to service the towers, several slopes to the prevailing winds and what appears to be landing zones on google earth (27deg 29min27.51sec south and 28deg51min27.92sec east).

It is about the same height as Volksrust at about 540 to 622ft or 180/200mtrs from the surrounding flatland. It is situated north of Warden and about 178km from Johannesburg.

It's worth checking out and if anybody is travelling that way and has some time , to do a detour and see if it can work as a slope destination please check it out, it is a few km north of the Reitz/roadside offramp and a shop complex called Makiti.

I am sure huge thermals blast through here on a hot day, and this could be a great venue for soaring.


PS No I dont have a one track mind ... I occasionally also think of SEX like you.
Sorry, I retract that statement ... some only think of BEER.
Oh and Piet, please explain to Erika what is a sailplane and what is a glider.

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