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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ready for the Mountains, Man And Machine

Piet and the Slope Aero Commander ( finish at last)

Today exactly 40 day’s ago I started with the Rockwell Aero Commander PSS project, and I can now say that it was a very challenging experience for me.

This morning I was up at 5am to complete the 2 main dummy under carriages, after all it has to stand on it own legs before it can take to the air. The Blog and posting that I did kept me focused and although I made many mistakes and were I would normally gave it up for a bad job I carried on thanks to Glen, Izak, Deon, Mike, Mark, Evan and ever one else that did leave comments on the Blog that kept me going.

I sincerely hope that the wind will blow this weekend and that I will at least have a good chance to fly the Aero Commander. This for me will be the cherry on top of the cake so by Monday we will know and like Mike said It is now a Fly or Die situation.


(Photo Above)

The Slope Aero Commander standig on it's own three feet.

Like with many a model RC glider that I have maiden before one has all these questions in your head , like is it to heavy?, hope I have the CG right place?, will the control movements be ok?.

But for now I am taking out tonight , my ever so understanding wife ,Jenny for a well deserve dinner, that had to put up with me being more in the workshop over weekends and working on the Aero Commander at strange hours of the night and mornings. The worse case occurred when on the 18th of September forgot all about or 33rd wedding anniversary and I promised my co-worker Phillip Otto that I will help to cut his wings that night (but I somehow survived the situation ) and hope that I can make up for it tonight.

To all the other crowd (ETB and DMAC and many other builders) that burned the midnight oil and worked by the MOB clock that Izak put on the ETB Blog, I hope all your planes be ready for the PSS weekend and that all your efforts will be rewarded.

(Photo Above Right)
Piet - Pondering over the Aero Comander. Is it to heavy?, hope I have the CG right place?, will the control movements be ok?.

PS. (Photo’s of Piet and the Aero Commander kindly taken by my wife Jenny.)


Michel said...

Very very nice Piet, if it looks good it will fly well! Now what you need is a landing strip in Volksrust

Piet Rheeders said...

Thanks Michel , never mind the runway, any Idea what I must say to My wife tonight?


Johann S said...

Baie mooi, ek dink hy gaan awesome lyk op die slope!

Evan Shaw said...

Excellent job Piet.
You have been an inspiration to us all and I hope the your model flies as good as it looks. Actually I have no doubt that it will as well as be one of the star attractions at the slope this weekend.
Very well done!!!
I know just how much effort you have put in and have been watching every post with great anticipation and interest.
You have created a beautiful looking scale model. Just stand back a little and it looks almost exactly like the real thing.


And to Jenny. Thanks for understanding and putting up with our Pal Piet. We salute you!!!!


Derek Marusich said...

Well done Piet!

Enjoy your well deserved evening out with Jenny and I'm sure it will end fantastically romantic - provided you don't mistakenly blurt out any words like model, slope, pss, comander, cg, control, etc.

See you at Volksrust on Saturday


Piet Rheeders said...

Well guys i now will look forward to the weekend knowing that Piet is finely flying this thing. Then the BIIGGG CLEANUP of the garage. So I wish you ALL alekker flying weekend. HAVE SOME GOOD FUN.

Piet Rheeders said...

Dankie Johann,
hou duim vas vir baie wind.


Glen said...

Ditto to all that has been said above, and may I add my own congratulations as well! Well done Piet, you have created a beautiful model tht will fly as good as it looks.
PS - Strange how sometimes the womenfolk lose their sense of humour when we bash away in the garage and ignore them.I always tell mine it could be worse - I could be a golfer instead and spend lots of time AWAY from home.Seems to work, but needs constant reinforcing! lol.
Check you Saturday!

Mike May said...

Hey Piet,
That model is real smart its a pity you are so sloppy when you pose , next time I want to see a suit and tie asseblief en jy moet jou stewels op blink.

Izak Theron said...

Hi Piet

Of sal ek sê Noag....! Want vir veertig dae en veertig nagte het jy weg gesloof aan die projek en seker baie keer net soos ou Noag van ouds gewonder of dit ooit gaan ophou.... ;o)

Sy lyk pragtig en ek is seker sy sal jou nie teleur stel op die berg nie.