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Friday, October 10, 2008

HTL #7 White Hills

Deon and Herman on the way back from a great flightLionel starting off a round in styleSorry to interrupt all the PSS fun happening out there at the moment guys, but the HTL series goes on regardless.

On Sunday the 5th October we flew the second last leg of the HTL for 2008 at White Hills. Despite the weather being ugly dry and windy, we had a really great laid back and fun contest.

Again the MMS and ETB teams outnumbered us considerably with only Gordon and myself flying for BERG. Top three positions were Craig, Michelle and Deon with Gordon and I ending up too far down the listings to mention.

Not much more to report here, but below a few more pics from the event. Please guys, don't miss the final contest of the HTL to be held out at Heidelberg on the 7th of December. Rules will be the traditional Team Triathlon Saw-tooth rules originally devised by John Nevin. Hope to see you all there.

Geriatrix team in action - Trevor ready to launch for RodneyDeon preparing to launchHerman launching for Deon
Craig digging in on landing
Harman guiding Jason to the liftJason digging in on landingMartie catching up on some beauty sleep while the tuck shop is quiet
BERG Team in action

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