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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can you Imagine this one on Volksrust

Now lets see if Glen from Durbs can guess this one right.
I am already one beer down but if he can't get this one right
(One guess only) then I win my beer back.


glenglider said...

Come on Piet, at least make it difficult and a bit of a challenge! This one is easy - its a DG Flugzeugbau LS10 - a new design in the 15/18m class. You owe me another beer!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I had only discover you pictures/blog . Just to ask why is this aeroplane making much smoke, is this available on the models for one to have.
faithfully yours

Piet Rheeders said...

No Glen, It is actually a Ls8 I win My beer back!!! In This Pic you can not see the
Wing tip’s, they actually curl up on the Ls10 so I got you.(LOL)

glenglider said...

Eish, what some peepull do to win their beer back! Kindly explain to me then why that very photo appears in the LS10's gallery on the DG website, huh! What do you say now. Thanks, I'll have a Black Label...

Izak Theron said...

So why does the jpg refer to LS10 Piet...? ;o) (See I think Glen owes me half his beer... ;o)

To answer Erika's question. It is not smoke. The glider is dumping water ballast. It would be quite a feat to build something similar into a model!


Piet Rheeders said...

Hi Erika,

The picture you see is not just a aero plane it is in fact a sail plane or more commonly revered to as a glider.
I don’t know what plane you have but if it is one of those that makes a terribly noise it most likely require glow fuel and not water.

Piet Rheeders said...

Hi all,

Ok you are to very cleaver so no more beers up for grab!!! ,but I still need to win A beer back any ideas? What about a Zagie dual at Vokies in Jan Glen last Zagie in the air comp?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Rheeders
I thank you for the kind answers fot this nice airplane, it looks for me like the seabirds we have here. Are the streams from the cloud flying waters.
Yours greetings
Erika K.

Anonymous said...

I think Erika K is Steve K's little sister also from Croatia?