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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Shongololo sees the light of day

Len Thomas is now another proud owner of a Shongololo.
It seems the race is on between himself and Robert to see which will fly first.
Both have completed the wing hinging and are busy with the fin and stabilizer assembly.
Who's will fly first? Watch this space!
Action shot of the wing molds being opened,
to reveal another perfect wing!
Next, the stab and fuselage must come out of the molds. Also visible nearest the camera is the wing joiner, canopy and servo tray in their molds! (Click on the photo to get the bigger picture)

Robert Davies has ordered a S.H(one)T load of servos for the Shongololo and they should be landing here shortly. Speak to him if you need. The price is very good and 6 servos (4xHS85MG & 2xHS125MG) will only cost about R1300.00. You can contact him at

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