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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


As the pilot I unfortunately did not get any photos but recorded the flight on video, which should something had gone wrong would prove useful to study later.

Johan Snyman of Secunda is credited with the following images, thank you.

Charl and Peter preparing to throw, backwards facing caps required.

After the initial throw the glider clears the rocks and is on its way.

See Charl now has his cap on backwards .

In her element soaring on the aircurrents.

This aircraft is scratch built using epoxy/glass with carbon fibre re-inforcing.
The wingspan is 6 mtrs
The airfoil section is a hybrid MH32 root transitioning to SD7037 mid wing and finishing again with MH32 on the tips which have 2 degrees of washout.
The all up flying weight is 9.00kg
The wing area is +- 120 dm sq
The wing joiner is a 19mm carbon rod (made of 75x 60k tows)
The epoxy was supplied by A.M.T. and is all LR 20 and various harderners.
The wings are vacumn bagged blue foam.
The servos are 11kg digitals with metal gears .
Hindges are silicon
and remember GO BIG OR GO HOME.

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