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Sunday, August 19, 2007

F3J at ETB on Sunday

ETB CD/Scorers tent

ETB hosted an F3J event with was also served as another Qualifier for the juniors. Ryan Nelson and his dad Simon flew up from Durban to attend this event to give Ryan an opportunity to try and qualify as a reserve for the Junior team.

BERG's team was made up of Piet, Mark, Derek and Evan. Piet did very well flying his trusty old Tsotsi 100 , ending in 4th place overall. Quite and achievement when you consider he was up against some really fancy models like Supra's, X-pro's, Pike Perfects and the like. Mark ended up in 6th place. Derek (12th) had a few hiccup's by overflying the working time, otherwise he would have been a lot higher in the rankings. I unfortunately had equipment failure on my Emoyene, so ended up way down the rankings.
On the whole a very enjoyable day. There were a mixture of hand-tow and winches (150 met to turn-about). From what I saw there is very little difference between the winch or hand-tow launches!
Personally, I like the F3J format of 10 minutes working time to record as much flying time as possible. The all up and all down at the same time is very exciting. Amazing that there are not more misshapes on the launch when all the models are launched at the same time!

All the score and some more photos will be posted to the F3J Blog at this link.

Some photo's from the day.

Ryan Nelson with Ian Lessen. Ian did a lot of coaching, which helped a lot it seems, with Ryan easily achieving 89% of the top score for the day. On the right the Nelsons' plane box.

BERG's pits. Evan's Emoyene and Mark's Supra's and Xperiance

Piet and Derek

Flight line with the ETB team nearest the camera.

Craig preparing his brand new Xperence

Catching some Zzzzz's

Peter Eagle and Craig in the background.


Anonymous said...

I'm still in the process of finalising the scores, however I can confirm that Piet has lept up the score board and is now the top BERG pilot on the day. Well done Piet.

It also looks like BERG will comfortably take second team place.

Evan Shaw said...

Hello Karl

My email address is