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Friday, August 03, 2007

DG505 PART 3

Moving right along , the idea here is to keep these posts close together and not fragmented, some long construction breaks are likely up ahead., I would like to fly this beast sometime in the new year, so here is PART 3.

Last post the fin was tacked on (its one of the semetrical NACA foils and not to thin as it needs to be strong enough to support the tailplane)

In this photo a mixture of cotton flox and micro-balloons (paste) is screeded across the gap, once this is dry , it is sanded to a nice radiused contour. I have used LH137 harderner for the filler as it sets rapidly(about an hour) and speeds up building .
The glass cloth with some carbon re-inforcing is now layered on ,this area is greatly stressed on T-tails when landing so its worth making it strong, the leading edge of the verticle fin has 4x 12kcarbon tows which end spread out on the boom .

TIP at this stage if you have mixed a little more resin than required, dont discard it , mix in enough micro-balloons to a thin paste and using a flexable piece of plastic( I use thick mylar)scrape/screed this onto the surface , a little goes a long way and soon with practice you can fill the surface to a smooth shape ,being flexable you can bend the mylar to follow the rounded shapes, unfortunately lots of sanding still lies ahead.

This is were those marker lines are helpfull a set of wing rib airfoil profiles are cut out and tacked to the fuselage , this really needs to be as accurate as possible, once happy some more

light weight filler is contoured across the gap, try keep both sides the same if you dont have a good eye for lines and symetry, use calipers and a vernier to keep track you can also keep track with some light cardboard templates.

Its starting to resemble a DG505 for those who have a Pointy Nose Fetish or PNF , use a cotton flox thick mixture to add material to the nose .This will be shaped to the correct profile and then using cloth glassed in.

The nose is not pointy enough yet ? Well add some more mix and shape, its gotta be pointy aplenty.. (any one know the poem about the Pointy Birds)from a movie with Steve Martin.
I digress , sorry ,the screed is producing a good smooth finish , light weight spray filler is next.
The foam is still inside and the canopy will be cut out shortly.

The posts are now up to date Part 4 later.

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