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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Big BERG Blog Birthday Bash Party and Outing To Volksrust

The last Flight of the day over Volksrust. North Slope.

Well the poll has showed us a close battle between a ‘fun fly at the Berg field’ and a ‘Slope Trip to Volksrust’ with only one vote more in favor for the slope trip, and so it will be!!!

September the 8th and 9th has been booked with oom Louis place and judging by the popularity of the last trip over the long weekend ( 9 members of the BERG club alone out of 40 ) this will be something to look forward to. So get your Zagi’s and other slope airies ready. Please let me know either by = email me
or when you see me on the berg field if you are joining us. The accommodation for the sleep over at oom Louis’s place including bed and breakfast won’t cost more than R85 per person.

In the mean time the Blog counter has step on and now it looks like we will get to the 6000 hits mark well before the 9th of September. Last month (July) we recorded the most hits so far in a single month (812) and by the half way mark this month (680 hits so far).

Once again thanks you to all our contributors and viewers for making the Berg Blog a great place on the web to view.

I have added some pictures of our past trips to Volksrust just to get you in the mood to come with us to this really majestic place. Eat you your heart out !!

Mike and 6meter Ventus.

Piet let's Charl's DG1000 lose. North slope

Sunset on south slope.

Charl launching Mike's Stretched wing Zagi.


Anonymous said...

Hey Piet,
Its a party can we bring lots of alchohol , its the done thing, to drink and fly, the wind can really dehydrate you if you are not carefull, bring dat dop.
Steve K

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

nice to hear for Croatia again, hope that you enjoyed your winter hibernation break. You are welcome to come to the BERG birthday Bash but you will have to start packing now and make sure your Tiger-moth is fueled up to make it to Volksrust, Africa du Sud in good time. Good luck and hope to meet you soon.

and happy landings.
BERG Blog.

Anonymous said...

Oom Piet

Can we have the Fun-Fly at the same time on the Slope?


Anonymous said...

Ek dink nog steed julle moet niks doen nie. Ek het my 1 jaar op 25 Julie gevier en trek iewers oor die 30000 views. Dan moet ek seker 'n vreelike partie hou. Ek het 12 artikels op my blog en het lank laas iets gedoen, maar die hits stroom nog in. Julle moet moed hou Berg sal ook 30000 haal oor 'n paar jaar. Kyk hier


Piet Rheeders said...

Hi Evan,

The following fun fly events will take place.

a) The Big Walk/run/dive of Shame.

This requires that you land your Zagi in the field at oom Louis Place ( in one piece ) then you have to walk, climb ,fall, run or dive what ever you like and recover your
Zagi. The first man back wins a big mystery price.

b) Limbo (TBA)

c) Egg drop (TBA)

Piet Rheeders said...

Hi Gert as n’ “Honoree life BERG member” moet jy ook daar wees.
Laat my asb weet.

By voorbart Dank,