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Thursday, August 23, 2007


The success of Ventus no2 sparked a fair amount of interest , many of the comments give me the impression that people are keen to own and fly these majestic gliders but feel they are out of reach to the average modeller.....this perception is totally wrong.

There is an abundance of information available and with a little project management it is no different to any other aircraft other than everything is done on a big scale, weight is not super critical but good strong ,sound building is required.

For the record Ventus number 1 was the first ever vacumn bagged wing I ever built ,only the
second moulded fuselage and was ok. Ventus no 2 is only vacumn project no 3 ,what does all this maths mean .....well anyone can build and fly these ships ,the rewards are really BIG go on take the challange.

Here are the photos of Ventus no 3 which is going to belong to another keen Berg pilot not Steve K but Pete K

who wants to GO BIG AND NOT GO HOME.

exactly 6 hours work .complete with pushrods ready for servos.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
What is the blue stuff? Did you use gell coat. How did you join the fuz halves? Is this the one you flew last time at Tamatieberg.