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Friday, August 03, 2007


Summer is comming and summer is for flying, so now we build and build.
The progress has been good so the posts need to catch up while I have some time.
PART 1 covered material selection setting out and shaping about 3 days work.

The project glider is large ,so the tube was glassed , cured and then the pod /front cockpit in two sessions , to assist with alignment some red reference lines are taped on and waxed.

Due to a nasty cold snap curing was slow so the fuselage was placed out in the sun to warm up and post cure. The ridges due to the tape edges are now sanded off, and the fuselage blown free of dust.

Even though this looks uneven the aim is to eliminate all the ridges before applying the 2nd layer of glass (163gr straight weave from AMT and LR 20 laminating resin with SLC harderner)

Wear a dust mask and work outside , this is probably the last sanding with this sander from now on its the orbital with 100 grit .
In this picture the boom 2nd layer of cloth is on and is far more even and shiney in finish. It is starting to become more rigid. At this point the aim is to layup about 4-5 layers and add additional re-inforcing to the inside much later. The cloth is layered on in pieces and the edges
sanded after each layer has cured its a tedious process.
The fin was hot wire cut and also taped and waxed .An area of the boom as marked is cut out, this is for controls and wiring. The fin base is hollowed to match the boom and tacked in place and carefully aligned. Note high tech lazer alignment tools with azimuth correction
PART 3 fuselage construction.
Next post to follow

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