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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spring time at BERG

Piet and I will be flying at the Spring HTL event at SGC on Sunday 2nd so won't be at the field with our winches, but Tony will be there with his, so for those you would like to fly there will be a winch available.

I would actually love to be there as I want to test fly my newly acquired Grand Esprit to get it trimmed out and ready for the RES/100 challenge happening on the 27th & 28th October. Nice and bright LE so I can see it when it's flying towards myself. (Hopefully!)

Charl Randel is selling a Calypso. Not sure what he wants for it, but I wouldn't offer more than about R1500.00 for it. (A full Composite F3B Shongololo is going for R2500.00 at my building group) It is brand new out the box and needs finishing off. It would be a good contender for the F3B League and a nice transition model form GL type to full house. Foam and veneered wings. Charl can be contacted at

Finally, just a reminder that we will be going down to Volksrust next weekend, 8th & 9th September, for the Big 5(Big BERG Blog Birthday Bash). And don't forget that Piet has promised to bake us a cake for the Blog Birthday. Just this alone is worth the trip. Piet has booked 10 places at Oom Louis place for the Saturday evening. Contact him for details!

(NW Slope) DG1000 gets airborne............. Oom Louis place below the slope.

We will leave early Saturday morning, about 05h00, stop for breakfast in Volksrust and get to the slope at about 09h30. The wind does not normally start blowing until about that time anyway. That night we sleep over at Oom Louis place and after breakfast head back up to the slope for some more flying and then leave to come home again at about 15h00 on Sunday
Stories around the Camp Fire....................... View from the veranda
On the Veranda, eagerly awaiting Oom Louis' legendary breakfast!

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