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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend happening!

See below for some more photos from Volksrust taken by Johan Snyman and used here with his kind permission. A few more photos can be found here:

Gert's Minimoa looks so graceful as it climbs out after launch.

(Photo by Johan)

A few photos follow from Sunday 12th August. - Postals.

Rodney has given Justice a Gently Lady and Craig is teaching him to fly it. A rare sight seeing Craig with a GL.

Our newest member Peter Malcolm seen getting in some stick time with Evan and Rodney looking on.

Robert, Tony and I went down to Volksrust on Saturday and we had a ball in the strong west wind. This was Tony's first slope outing and he managed to get in quite a bit of stick time with his Zagi and what's even more remarkable is that it came back home in the same excellent condition it left in. Not a scratch! I flew my new DG1000 and was very impressed with it's handling. An excellent kit which files like a dream and is real value for money.
Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, so hopefully Charl, Mike and Piet will be adding some interesting news and photos from the slope trip. They went down on the Thursday so should have lots of lekker stuff for us!.... Mmmmh!

Evan's DG1000 (Photo by Johan)

Charle with his DG1000 (Photo by Piet)

Gert's Minimoa (Photo by Johan)

Mike and the Ventus (Photo by Piet)

Mike's 6 meter Ventus. (Photos by Johan)

The Ventus flies (Photo bt Piet)

Discus (+/-3 met??) (Photo by Johan)

Flight line from the landing area. Note all the foamies! I count 7. How many do you see? (click on the photo to enlarge) (Photo by Johan)

Rudi and Charl with the Impala (Photo by Piet)

Rudi's Impala. Looks really good in the air! (Photo by Johan)

This Omie had it's wing chopped in half by a foamie, and Johan Snyman the pilot, was able to fly it with just one aileron and bring it around to the back and land it without too much more damage. (Photo by Johan)

In closing, Piet has some very important information to share with us and will be reporting back on the results of the Poll!???


J Snyman said...

Hi Evan/Piet,

I am posting some of the photos I took on Saturday here:
and more specifically here:

Please feel free to use whatever you want on your blog.

Thanks, it was a great day!

Anonymous said...

That photo of the Impala is really amazing. It looks like a painting I think Johan must send it to the RC Soaring Digest.