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Monday, August 06, 2007

F3K at BERG on Saturday

There was an F3K at BERG on Saturday. The conditions were tricky with a fairly stiff breeze blowing in from the SW, so what thermals there were, moved very quickly across the field.
To see a round by round report and the results go to the F3K blog

The pilots that caught and followed thermals had to be careful to have enough height to push back upwind to make it back into the box. There were quite a few who got caught out and landed short. For those of you who are wondering what I'm on about; in F3K rules there is a box demarcated on the field and pilots must launch and land form inside this areas to score points. If you land outside the box you loose that flight score.

In the photos above you see two gliders without stabilisers. The first is Stephan's FSW DLG (Wyrd) and the second is Ian's Blaster. (No he was not trying to copy Steph) The stab broke off. FSW (Forward Swept Wing). We all know about flying wings (Zagi's) and how they work. Well it's the same for FSW. The reason for the boom with the vertical fin is to assist with stability in the Discus launch. It launched very well, but Stephane still has some fine tuning to get it to thermal better. It has 4 servos in the wing. The outboard ones for ailerons and the inboard ones for elevator/flaps. Yes flaps! So it even has crow breaking.

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